Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

In the evening, Barnard, who had been an 
attendant on the King from the cradle, and who 
was not more attached to His Majesty, than he 
was himself in return affectionately beloved, 
came to Mr. West, and requested him to be in 
attendance next morning at the Queen's house, 
with the picture of Agrippina. In delivering 
the message, this faithful servant was prompted 
by his own feelings to give the Artist some idea 
of His Majesty's real character, which at that 
time was very much misrepresented to the public; 
and Mr. West during the long term of forty 
years of free and confidential intercourse with 
the King, found the account of Barnard to be in 
every essential and particular point correct. 
The King was described to him as a young 
man of great simplicity and candour of dis- 
position, sedate in his affections, and deeply 
impressed with the sanctity of principle; scru- 
pulous in forming private friendships; but, when 
he had taken any attachment, not easily swayed 
from it, without being convinced of the necessity 
andpropriety of so doing. 


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