Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

King, informing His Majesty, at the same time, of 
all the circumstances connected with the history 
of the composition ; and on what principle 
he had always turned his conversations with 
Mr. West to excite an interest for the pro- 
motion of the arts in the minds of his family. 
The dexterity with which he recapitulated 
these details produced the desired effect. The 
curiosity of the King was roused, and he told the 
Archbishop that he would certainly send for the 
Artist and the picture. 
This conversation probably lasted longer than 
the usual little reciprocities of the drawing-room; 
for it occasioned a very amusing instance of 
female oiiiciousness. A lady of distinguished 
1-rank, having overheard vvhat passed, could not 
resist the delightful temptation of being the 
Hrst to communicate to Mr. West the intel- 
ligence of the honour that -awaited him. On 
quitting the palace, instead of returning home, 
she went directly to his house, and, without dis- 
closing her name, informed him of the whole 
particulars of the conversation which had passed 
between the Archbishop and the King.


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