Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

subject, which he presented to the Cathedral of 
Rochester, and itis placed over the communion- 
table. In these biographical sketches it cannot 
be expected that a history of all Mr. West's 
numerous works should be related. It is the 
history of the Artist, not of his works, that is 
here written; and, tl1e1'ef01'e, except where the 
incidents connected with them are illustrative 
of. the state of public feeling towards the arts, 
it is unnecessary to be more particular. I have, 
however, prepared a complete catalogue of 
his designs, with such remarks concerning 
them as must satisfy any want that may be 
felt by this systematic omission in the nar- 
rative. I should, however, mention that, in this 
stage of his career, the two of his earliest 
pictures, which attracted the greatest share of 
public attention, were the Orestes and Pylades, 
and the4C0m'z'nence of Scipio. He had under- 
taken them on speculation, and the applause 
which they obtained, when finished, were an 
assurance of his success and reward. His 
housewas daily thronged with the opulent and- 
the curious to see them; statesmen sent for 
them to their offices ;p princes.to their bed- 


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