Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

arts in this country, I present my readers with 
21 copy of the subscription-paper, with the" names 
and amount of the sums attached to them, by 
the respective subscribers.  
In 1766 Mr. Vlfest made a proposal to his 
friend Bishop Newton, who was then Dean of 
St. Paul's, to present a gratuitous offering to the 
Cathedral, by painting a religious subject to fill 
one of the large spaces which the architect of 
the building had allotted for the reception of 
pictures; and speaking on the design one day 
after dinner at the Bishop's when Reynolds was 
present, he said that the giving of the Law on 
Mount Sinai would make an appropriate subject. 
Reynolds was delighted with the idea of decor-_ 
ating St. Paul's by the voluntary offerings of 
artists, and offered to paint a Nativity as his 
contribution. A formal proposal Was in con- 
sequence made to the Dean and Chapter, who 
embraced it with much satisfaction.  But Dr. 
Terrick, the Bishop, felt some degree of jealousy 
at the design being adopted without consulting 
him, and set himself so decidedly against it that 
it-was necessarily abandoned. Dr. Newton had, 


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