Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

City, call it Chester." The exact spot where 
these patriarchs of the new world first landed, 
is still pointed out with reverence by the inha- 
bitants. Mr. Pearson built a house and formed a 
plantation in the neighbourhood, which he called 
Springiield, in consequence of discovering a large 
spring of Water in the first field cleared for cul- 
tivation; and it was near this place that 
West was born. 
III. Whelx the West family emigrated, John, 
the father of Benjamin, was left to complete his 
education at the great school of the Quakers at 
Uxbridge, and did not join his relations in 
his ar- 
rival he married the mother of the Artist; 
the worth and piety of his character we 
and of 
have a 
remarkable proof in the following transactions, 
which, perhaps, reflect more realo glory on his 
Family than the achievements of all his heroic 
IV. As a part of the marriage portion of Mrs. 
West, he received a negro slave, whose diligence 
and fidelity very soon obtained his full confidence.


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