Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

this great, flourishing, and triumphant nation, 
no just notion of the value of the Hne arts was 
entertained; and on all occasions, when a 
suitable opportunity presented itself; he never 
failed to state this opinion, and to endeavour to 
impress it on others. He frequently invited 
Mr. West to his table; and the Artist remarked 
that he seemed to turn the conversation on the 
celebrity which the patronage of the arts had 
in all ages reilected on the most illustrious 
persons and families, addressing himself with 
particular emphasis to his sons. 'In the course 
of one of these conversations, he engaged 
M1". West to paint for him the story of Agrip- 
pina landing with the ashes of Germanicus, and 
sent one of the young gentlemen to the library 
for the volume in which Tacitus describes the 
circumstances. Having read the passage, he 
commented on it at some length, in order to 
convey to Mr. West an idea of the manner 
in which he was desirous the subject should be 
'T11e painter, on returning home, felt his 
imagihation so much excited by the historialfs


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