Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

nature or from art, and 
thing local or particular. 
The conversation after dinner chiefly turned 
on American subjects, in which Mr. Burke, as 
may Well be supposed, took a distinguished 
part, and not more delighted the Artist with the 
rich variety and ailluence of his mind, than sur- 
prised him by the correct circumstantiality of 
his descriptions; so much so, that he was never 
able to divest himself of an impression received 
on this occasion, that Mr. Burke had actually been 
in America, and visited the scenes, and -been 
familiar with many of the places which he so 
minutely seemed to recollect. Upon a circum- 
stance so singular, and so much at variance with 
all that has hitherto been said respecting the 
early history of this eminent person, it is need- 
less to dilate. The wonder which it may excite 
I have no means of allaying; but I should not 
omit to mention here, when Mr. Burke was 
informed that Mr. West was a Quaker, that he 
observed, he had always regarded it among 
thepmost fortunate circumstances of his life, 


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