Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

that great 
of introduction, -jfiom some of 
friends and admirers in Italy. 
The first lodlgiriigs which Mr. West occupied, 
in his professional capacity, were in Bedf'ord- 
Street, Covent-Garden; where, when it was 
understood that he intended to practise, he was 
visited by all the artists of eminence then in 
London, and welcomed among them with a 
cordiality that reflected great honour on the 
generosity of their dispositions. In this house 
the first picture which he painted in England 
was executed. The subject was Angelica and 
Medora, which, with the Cymon and Iphiginia, 
painted at Rome, and a portrait of General 
Moncton, (who acquired so much celebrity by 
his heroic conduct as second in command under 
General Wolfe at Quebee,) by the advice of 
Reynolds and Wilson, he sent to the exhibition- 
iln Spring Gardens in 17641, 
While he was engaged on the picture of An- 
gelica and Medora, Dr.- Markham, then Master 
of Westminster-School, paid him a visit and in- 
vited.) him to a dinner, a_t which he introduced


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