Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

their favourable reception, and before he was 
known as an artist, frequented the parties of 
several of the highest characters in the state. 
His lirst excursion from London was to 
Hampton Court to see the Cartoons of Raphael. 
Soon after, he visited Qxford, Blenheim, and 
Corsham ; whence he proceeded to Bath, where 
Mr. Allen was at that time residing. Here he 
remained about a month; and in returning to 
town made a short tour, in the course of which 
he inspected the collections of art at Storehead, 
Fonthill, Wilton House, the Cathedral of 
Salisbury, and the Earl of Radnor's seat at 
Longford. At Reading he staid some time with 
his half-brother, Mr. Thomas West, the eldest 
son of his- father. When he returned to London 
he was introduced by Mr. Patoune, his travel- 
ling companion from Rome, to Reynolds, and a 
friendship commenced between them which was 
only broken by death. He also, much about 
the same time, formed an acquaintance with 
Mr. Richard Wilson, the landscape painter, to 
whom indeed he had brought very warm letters


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