Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

()hser1.1ati0ns an Mr. West's Intercourse with the King.--- 
Anecdote qf the American War.- Studies for the His- 
torical Pictures at Windsor Castle.  Anecdote qf the late 
 Marquis qf Buclcinghan2.- Anecdote qf Sir Joshua Rey- 
nolds ; and Q" the Athenian Marbles.  Election qf 
Mr. West to the Presidency qf the Royal Academ_y.- His 
Speech to the Academicians on that  70 
The first Discourse of Mr. West to the Students of the 
Academy.  Progress of the Arts. - Of the Arlvalntages of 
Schools of Art.- On the Natural Origin of the Arts.- 
Qf the Patronage which honoured the Patrons and the 
Artists.-Professional Advice.-Promising State of the 
Arts in  83 
Discourse to ill6 Royal Acadenzg in l7944.';- Observations on 
the Advantage of drawing the Human Figure correctly.- 
On the Propriety of cultivating the Eye, in order to enlarge 
the Variety of our Pleasures derived jrom Objects of Sight. 
 On characteristic Distinctions in Art. --V Illustrations 
drawn jiom the Apollo Bclvidere, and jiom the Venus de 
Medici; camprehending critical Remarks on those Statues. 
Discourse to the Academy in 1797.  On the Principles qf 
Painting and Sculpture.-Of Embellishments in Archi- 
tecturb.  Of -tire T aste qf Hm Ancients. --Errors gf Mg


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