Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

 Anecdotes qf the King and Queen.- The King errzploys 
.Mr. West to paint the Departure Qf Regulus. -Mr. West's 
Celebrity as a Skai6r-- An66d0i8 Qf Lord Howe.  His 
Fame as a Skater qf great Service in his prqfkssional 
The King's personal Friendship for Mr. Wesi._Circum- 
stances which led to the Establishment of the Royal 
Academy. - First Exhibition of the Worlvs of British 
Artists.-- The Departure of Regulus jnished, and taken 
to Buckingham House.  Anecdote of Kirby.  The 
Formation of the Royal Academy. -Anecdote of Reynolds. 
 The Academy  32 
The Opening of the Royal Academ_y.- The Death ofGencral 
_W0_lfe.  Anecdote of Sir Joshua Re_ynolds.- New Pic- 
tures ordered by the King.  Origin of the Series of 
Historical Pictures painted jbr Windsor Castle. _ Design 
for a grand Chapel in Windsor Castle, to illustrate the 
History of revealed Religion.  His Majesty's Scruples on 
the Subject.  His confidential Consultation with several 
eminent Divines.  The Design  
Singular Anecdote respecting the Author qf tlze Letters qf 
Junius. - Of Laclzlan M'Lean.- Anecdote qf the Dulce 
gf Grqft0n.-- Of the Marquis Qf Lansd0wne.- Qf Sir 
Philip Francis; lCritique on the Trangiguratiorz qf 
Raphael by Sir Philip Francis, and Objectiovz; to his 


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