Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

he had lost a great number of men, and that he could not 
otherwise dislodge the enemy, gave orders for a general 
assault. The breast-Work was carried by storm; and the 
Indians, broken at all points, and surrounded by superior 
numbers, were nearly all put to the sword. Out of one 
thousand warriors who composed the Creek Army, scarcely 
twenty made their escape. A body of Choctaw Indians, who 
attended the American Army as auxiliaries, were thechief 
actors in this massacre, and displayed their usual barbarous 
ferocity. It affords a remarkable illustration of the savage 
character, that the whole of this bloody scene passed in the 
most perfect silence on the part of the Indians: there was 
no outcry, no supplication for mercy: each man met. his fate 
without uttering a Word, singly defending himself to the last. 
The lives of the women and children were spared, but many 
of the boys were killed in the action, lighting bravely in the 
ranks with their fathers and elder brothers. My Tenessee 
friend received four arrows from the bows of these juvenile 
warriors, while in the act of mounting the breast-work. 
In hearing such a story, it is impossible not to be touched 
with a feeling of sympathy for a highqninded but expiring 
people, thus gallantly but vainly contending, against an over- 
whelming force, for their native woods, and their name as a 
Nation ; or to refrain from lamenting that the settlement of 
the New World cannot be accomplished at a less price, than 
the destruction of the original and rightful proprietors of the 
Printed by Nichols, Son, and Bentley, 
Red Lion Passage, Fleet Street, Lonrlun.


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