Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

[A] Page 138. The following Extract from the Journal 
of a Friend, who has lately travelled through the principal 
parts of the United States, will probably be found interesting, 
as it tends to throw some degree of light onthe sentiments of 
the Indians ; of which the little that is known, has hitherto 
never been well elucidated. 
" One of my fellow passengers was a settler in the new 
state of Tenessee, who had come to Charleston with Horses 
for sale, and was going to Baltimore and Philadelphia for the 
purpose of investing his money in an assortment of goods 
suited to the western country. The ideas of civilized and 
savage life were so curiously blended in this man, that his 
conversation afforded me considerable amusement. Under 
the garb and appearance of a methodist preacher, I found 
him a hunter and a warrior ; with no small portion of the 
adventurous spirit proper to both those characters. He had 
served as a militia-man or volunteer under General Jackson, 
in his memorable campaign against the Creek Indians in 
1813; and he related to me some interesting particulars of 
theprincipal and final action which decided the fate of the 
war. The Indians had posted themselves at a place called, 
in their language, Talapoosie, and by the Americans, the. 
Horse-shoe ; a position of great natural strength, the advan-. 
tages of which they had improved to the best of their skill, by 
a breast-work seven feet high, extending across the neck of 
land which formed the only approach to their encampment. 
This seems to have been viewed by the Creeks themselves as 
the last. stand of their nation; for, contrary to the usual 
practice of the Indians, they made every preparation for 
defence, but none for retreat. Their resistance was propor-, 
tionably desperate and bloody. For several hours they sup- 
ported a continued fire of musketry and cannon without 
shrinking  till at length the American General, linding that


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