Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

duced by the English climate, merely bQQau5e 
that climate has the effect of producinga different 
moral temperament among the inhabitants. 
XI. On the morning after arriving at the Hrst 
frontier town, in coming from Savoy into France, 
and while breakfast was preparing, Mr. West and 
his companion heard the noise of a crowd assem- 
bled in the yard of the inn. The Doctor rose 
and went to the window to inquire the occa- 
sion: immediately on his appearance, the mob 
became turbulent, and seemed to menace him 
with some outrage._The Peace of 1763 had been 
but lately concluded, and without having any 
other cause for the thought, it occurred to the 
travellers that the turbulence must have origi- 
nated in some political occurrence, and they has- 
tily summoned the landlord, who informed them, 
" That thepeople had, indeed, assembled in a 
tumultuous manner round the inn on hearing 
that two Englishmen were in the house, but that 
they might make themselves easy, as he had sent 
to inform the magistrates of the riot." Soon 
after, one of the magistrates arrived, and on being 
introduced by the landlord to the travellers,


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