Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

crleprived of the right of exercising his 0wn__ judg- 
ment, he feels, as it were, his moral responsibility 
at an end, and naturally blames the system by 
which he is oppressed, for the crimes which his 
own unresisted passions instigatehim to commit.- 
-To an Englishman the remembrance of ajourney 
in Italy is however often more delightful then that 
ofi any-other country, for no whereelse is his 
arrogance more patiently endured, his eccentrici- 
ties more hnmourously indulged, nor the gene- 
ack now-- 
X. In coming from Italy into France, Mr. 
West was particularly struck with the picturesque 
diiference in the character of the peasantry of-the 
as ah -Aftist, 
two countries; and while he thought, 
that to give appropriate effect to a national land- 
scape, it would not only be necessary to introduce 
figures in the costume of the country, but in em- 
ployments and recreations no less national, he 
was sensible of the truth of a remark which occurs 
to almest every traveller, that there are different 
races of the human species, and that the nature of 
the dog and horse do not vary more in diH'erent


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