Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

should be introduced to him; and it was soon 
after arranged that the Doctor should proceed to 
Florence, while the Artist went to take leave of 
his friends at Leghorn, to express to them his 
gratitude for the advantages he had derived 
from their constant and extraordinary kindness, 
which he estimated so highly, that he could not 
think of leaving Italy without performing this 
pleasing and honourable pilgrimage. It was also 
agreed between him and his companion, that the 
Doctor should stop a short time at Parma, until 
West should have completed a copy of the St. Je- 
rome of Corregio, which he had begun during his 
visit to that city with Mr. Matthews. 
VIII. During their stay at Parma, the Aca- 
demy elected Mr. West a member, an honour 
which the academies of Florence and Bologna had 
previously conferred on him; and it was men- 
tioned to the Prince that a young American had 
made a copy of the St. Jerome of Corregio, in a 
style of excellence such as the oldest academicians 
-had not witnessed.  The Prince expressed a wish 
to see this extraordinary Artist, particularly when 
he heard that he was from Pennsylvania, and a


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