Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

noured, in 
with the marks of acade-; 
mical approbation, usually bestowed on fortunate 
Artists. He then proposed to return to America, 
with a view to cultivate in his native country that 
profession in which he had already acquired so 
much celebrity. At this juncture, he received a 
letter from his father, advising him, as peace had 
concluded between France and 
go home for a short time before coming to Ame- 
rica; for the mother country was at that period 
still regarded as the home of her American of?- 
spring. The advice of his fnther was in unison 
"with his own wishes, and he mentioned his inten- 
tion to Mr. Wilcox. 
That gentleman, conceiving 
that he spoke of America as his home, expressed 
himself with grief and surprise at a determination 
so different from what he had expected; but, upon 
being informed of the amblguity in the phrase, 
he exclaimed that he could hardly have resolved, 
on quitting Italy, more opportunely, for Dr. Pa- 
toune, a Scotish gentleman, of considerable 
learning, and some taste in painting, was then re- 
turning homeward, and waiting at that time in 
Rome, until he should be able to meet with a 
companion. It was therefore agreed that West


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