Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

that the best way of treating the ridiculous mad- 
man, was to allow him to remain some time in 
solitary conlinement in the dungeons of the In- 
quisition. When he had been imprisoned about 
three months, he was again liberated, sent to 
Leghorn, and embarked for England, radically 
cured of his inclination to convert the Pope, but 
still believing that the punishment which he 
had suffered for his folly, would be recorded as a 
trial which he had endured in the service of the 
VII. In the mean time, West was carefully fur- 
nishing his mind by an attentive study of the cos- 
tume of antiquity, and the beauties of the great 
works of modern genius. In doing this, he re- 
garded Rome only as an university, in which he 
should graduate; and, as a thesis preparatory 
to taking his degree among the students,  he 
painted a picture of Cimon and Iphigenia, and, 
subsequently, another of Angelica and Madoro. 
The applause which they received justified the 
opinion which Mengs had so early expressed of 
his talent, and certainly answered every object 
for which they were composed. He was ho-


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