Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

to Florence for advice. VIII. He accompanies Mr. Matthews 
in a tour. IX, Singular instance of liberality towards the 
Artist from several Gentlemen of Philadelphia  . , _  . .  113 
1. The result of the Artist's erperiment to discover the methods 
by which Titian produced his splendid colouring. II. He 
returns to Rome. III. Reflections suggested by inspecting 
ithe.Egyptian Obelisk. IV. Considerations of the Author on 
the same subject; and anecdote of a Mohawk Indian who 
 became an Actor at New York. V. Anecdote of a Scottish 
 Fanatic who arrived in Rome to convert the Pope. VI. Se- 
quel Qf the Adventure. VII. The Artist prepares to visit 
England. VIII. Having completed his St. Jerome, after 
Corregio's  famous picture, he is elected an Honorary Member 
of the Academy of Parma, and invited to Court. IX. He 
proceeds by t_he way of Genoa towards France. X. Rqiections 
on the state of Italy. XI. Adventure on reaching the French 
frontiers. XLI. State qf Taste in France .    .      . . 199 


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