Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

to reason with 
him on the absurdity of his 
self-assumed mission, assuring him that unless he 
desisted, and behaved with circumspection, he 
would inevitably be seized by the Inquisition. 
But the prospect of Martyrdom augmented his 
zeal; and the representations of the benevolent 
Catholic only stimulated his enterprise; so that 
in the course of a few days, much to his own 
exceeding great joy, and with many comfortable 
salutations of the spirit, he was seized by the In- 
quisition, and lodged in a dungeon. On hearing 
this, the Abate applied to King James in his behalf, 
and by his 'Majesty's influence he was released, and 
sent to the British Consul at Leghorn, on condi- 
tion of being immediately conveyed to his friends 
in Scotland. It happened, however, that no ves- 
sel was then ready to sail, and the taste of perse- 
cution partaking more of the relish of adventure 
than the pungency of suffering, the missionary 
was not to be so easily frustrated in his meritorious 
design ; and, therefore, he took the first opportu- 
nity of stealing silently back to Rome, where 
he was again arrested and continerli. By this 
time the affair had made some noise, and it was 
universally thought 
by all 
the English 


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