Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

helshall Vn0't be frustrated in 
-have -resolved "to write to my 
Leghorn, to give him, from 
his ?studies, for I 
correspondents at 
.myself, whatever 
may require." 
Mr. Hamilton 
force of this generous declaration, :and said, with 
equal animation, " I think exactly as you do, Sir, 
but you shall not have all the honour of it to 
y0urself,oand, therefore, I beg that you will consi- 
der me as joining you in the responsibility of the 
credit." The consequence of this was, that upon 
West going, previously to leaving Florence, to 
take a small sum of about ten pounds from the 
bankers to whom he had been recommended by 
Messrs. Jackson and Rutherford, a letter was 
brought in, while he was waiting for his money, 
and the gentleman who opened it said to him, 
" that the contents of the letter would probably 
aH'ord him unexpected pleasure, as it instructed 
them to give him unlimited credit." A more 
splendid instance.of 
even in the records 
liberality is not to be foundx 
of.F]orence. The muniti- 
cence of the Medici was excelled by 
magistracy of Philadelphia. 


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