Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

aiyear gave a grand assembly at his house, to 
which all theinobility and strangers in Rome, the 
mostveminent for rank, birth, and talents, were 
invited. It was agreed that the portrait should 
be exhibited at one of his parties, which hap- 
pened to take place soon after it was finished. 
A suitable frame being provided, the painting 
was hung up in one of the rooms. The, first 
guests who" arrived, were Amateurs and Artists; 
and as it was known among them that Robin- 
son was sitting to Mengs for his portrait, it 
was at once thought to be that picture, and 
they agreed that they had never seen any paint- 
ing of the Artist so well coloured._ As the 
guests assembled, the portrait 
more the subject of attention, 
became more and 
and Mr. West sat 
behind on a sofa equally agitated and delighted 
by their strictures, which Mr. Robinson reported 
to him from time to time. In the course of the 
evening Mr. Dance, an Englishman of great 
shrewdness, was observed looking with an eye of 
more than common, scrutiny at the portrait, by 
Mr. Jenkins, another of the guests, who, con_ 
gratulatin'gvR0binson in getting so good a.por- 
trait from Mengs, turned to Dance, and said,


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