Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

echo, it was so connected with the appearance 
which the author made in tl_1_e recital, that the 
incident has never been obliterated from Mr. 
West's recollection. 
III. While the Artist was gratifying himself 
with a cursory view of the works of art, and 
of the curiosities, Mr. Hope, of Amsterdam, the 
father of the gentlemen who have since become 
so well known in London for their taste in the 
arts, and their superb collections of pictures and 
marbles, arrived in Rome. Mr. West beingintro- 
duced to him, accompanied him to Cardinal Al- 
bani, to whom he had letters of introduction, and 
witnessed a proof of the peculiar skill of his Emi- 
nence. The Cardinal requested M r. Hope to come 
near him, and according to his usual custom with 
strangers, drew his hands over his face, observing 
that he was a German. In doing the same thing 
to Mr. West, he recognised him as the young 
IV. At this time Mengs was in the zenith 
of his popularity, and West was introduced 
to him at the. Cardinal's villa. He appeared ta


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