Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

the idea. His English friend, observing his con- 
fusion, inquired what he had given her, and he 
answered that he did not know, but it was a piece 
of money which he had received in change. 
Robinson, after a short conversation with the 
him to 
Mr. West tha_t she had asked 
farth ing, 
give her a 
gave her 
But as you 
penny-piece," said he, " she has brought you the 
change." This instance of humble honesty, con- 
trasted with the awful mass of misery with which 
it was united, gave him a favourable idea of the 
latent sentiments of the Italians. How much, 
indeed, is the character of that people traduced 
by the rest of Europe! How often is the travel- 
ler in Italy, when he dreads the approach of rob- 
bers, and prepares against murder, surprised at 
the bountiful disposition of the common Italians, 
and made to blush at having applied the charges 
against a few criminals to the character of a whole 
is only 
people-without reiiecting that the nation 
weak because it is subdivided.


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