Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

I. The Birth and Paternal Ancestry qf Mr. West. II. His 
Maternal Family. 111., His Father. IV. The'0rigin of the 
Abolition qf Slavery by the Quakers. V. The Progress of 
they Abolition. VI. The Education of the Negroes. VII. The 
Preaching qf Edmund Peckover. VIII. His Adrnonitory 
Prediction to the Father of West. IX. The first Indication 
of Benjamin's Genius. X. State Qf Society in Pennsylvania. 
XI. The Indians give I4'est the Primary Colours. XII. The 
Artist's first Pencils. XIII. The Present of a Box of Colours 
and Engmvings. XIV. Hisjrst Painting              5 
I. The Artist visits Philadelphia. II. His second Picture. 
III. Williams the Painter gives him the works of Fresnoy 
and Richardson. IV. Anecdote of the Taylor's Apprentice. 
V. The Drawings of the Schoolboys. VI. Anecdote relative 
to Wayne. VII. Anecdote relative to Mr. Flower. VIII, 
Anecdote relatioe to Mr. Ross. IX. Anecdote. of Mr. Henry. 
X. The Artist's first Historical Picture. XI. Origin of his 
Acquaintance with Dr. Smith of Philadelphia. XII. The 
friendship of Dr. Smith, and the character of the early compa- 
 nions of West. XIII.Anecdote of General Washington. . . . . 25


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