Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

in making the boat so small in the miraculous 
draught of fishes, is thought to have injudiciously 
applied this rule of antient sculpture; for he 
ought to have accomplished, by foreshortening, 
the same elicect which he meant to produce by 
diminishing the size. It should however, be 
observed, that great doubts are entertained if the 
statues on the Monte Cavallo were originally inte- 
gral parts of the same groupe; but although this 
doubt may be Well founded, it will not invalidate 
the supposed general principle of the antient 
sculptors, corroborated, as it is, by innumerable 
evening, after visiting the palaces, 
carried Mr. West to see a grand 
 IX. In the 
Mr. Robinson 
religious ceremony in one of the churches. Hi- 
therto he was acquainted only with the simple 
worship of the Quakers. The pomp of the papal 
ceremonies was as much beyond his comprehen- 
sion, as the overpowering eiccellence of the music 
surpassed his utmost expectations. Undoubtedly, 
in all the spectacles and amusements of Rome, he 
possessed a keener sense of enjoyment, arising from 
the simplicity of his education, than most other


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