Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

Cardinal" acquired proverbial currency in the Ro- 
man conversations, applied to persons who had 
any inordinate conceit of their own beauty. 
VI. The Cardinal, after some other short 
questions, invited West to come near him, and 
running his hands over his features, still more 
attracted the attention of the company to the 
stranger, by the admiration which he expressed 
at the form of his head. "This occasioned in- 
quiries respecting the youth ; and the ltalians con-Y 
cluding that, as he was an American, he must, of 
course, have received the education of a savage, 
became curious to witness the effect which the 
the Belvidere and Vatican 
produce on him. The Whole company, which 
consisted of the principal Roman nobility, and 
strangers of distinction then in Rome, were inte_ 
rested in the event; and it was arranged in the 
course of the evening that on the following morn- 
ing they should accompany Mr. Robinson and his 
protege? to the palaces. 
VII. At the hour appointed, the company 
assembled; and a procession, consisting of upwards


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