Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

V. Among the distinguished persons whom 
Mr. West found in the company, was the cele- 
brated Cardinal Albani. His eminence, although 
quite blind, had acquired, by the exquisite deli- 
cacy of his touch, and the combining powers of 
his mind, such a sense of antient beauty, that he 
excelled all the virtuosi then in Rome, in the 
correctness of his knowledge of the verity and 
peculiarities of the smallest medals and intaglios. 
Mr. Robinson conducted the Artist to the inner 
apartment, where the Cardinal was sitting, and 
said, "I have the honour to present a young 
American, who has a letter of introduction to 
your eminence, and who has come to Italy for 
the purpose of studying the fine arts." The Car- 
dinal fancying that the American must be an 
Indian, exclaimed, " Is he black or white P" and 
on being told that he was very fair, " What as fair 
as l am P" cried the Cardinal still more surprised. 
This latter expression excited a good deal of 
mirth at the Cardinal's expence, for his com- 
plexion was of the darkest Italian olive, and 
West's was even of more than the usual degree of 
English fairness. For some time after, if it be 
not still in use, the expression of " as fair as the


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